Baltimore Had A Nobody Kill Anyone Festival, But It Sure Didn’t Last Long…


I was looking up the various local festivals that places have around the country and boy are they varied. One town might have a strawberry festival, and another in Idaho will surely have a potato festival. But let’s not leave the cities with horrifically high murder rates out. They deserve festivals too.

In case you missed the riots that followed the Freddie Gray verdict in Baltimore a little while back, Baltimore is an absolute disaster.

With the exception of Chicago, it’s arguably the most dangerous city in the country.

What do you expect? That’s usually what happens when you let Democrats run the show for a long period of time.

The city recently came up with a plan called “Nobody Kill Anybody” to try and stop the violence. And yes, it was really called that….Guess how long it lasted? About 24 hours.

From The Daily Caller: Baltimore activists’ bid over the weekend to convince fellow citizens to stop killing each other lasted for about 24 hours before someone was fatally shot.

The two homicides come during the same weekend Baltimore activists planned their “Nobody Kill Anybody” event, a collective effort aimed at trying to crack down on the city’s rising homicide count. Activists called on residents to stop shooting each other between Friday to Sunday.

Organizer Erricka Bridgeford went on Facebook to urge people to still adhere to the ceasefire after the homicides, even though it had already been broken.

Baltimore has been struggling with a rising homicide rate for this past year. Already, the city has recorded 204 homicides for 2017.

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