Video: Sick Antifa Thugs Caught Punching A Black Trump Supporter..


Is is not truly amazing how the people that claim to be so damn tolerant are the ones that are causing the most trouble…

Republicans can legitimately say there is an alt-right off-shoot of the party.

For example, there are hardcore conservatives and then there are Trump-supporting Republicans, and the two groups are different in many ways.

Democrats can’t say the same thing.

There is no “alt-left.” There is only left.

Progressives are socialists. They all want America to pay for past injustices.

Check out this Antifa goon sucker-punching a black man at last night’s Trump rally in Phoenix…

From Free Beacon:

An anti-Trump “antifa” protester sucker-punched a black man from behind following President Donald Trump’s Tuesday night speech in Phoenix.

The New York Times‘ Simon Romero was on the scene during the post-speech clashes between those who support and oppose the president. He posted a video on Twitter of one such confrontation.

Another video shows the assailant holding a sign that reads “I love my Muslim neighbor”…

Bad, bad people.

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