We’ve Found JAW DROPPING Video Of A Plane Smashing Into the Freeway!


I thank God that I have never had to see something like this up close. A video stream is about as close as I would like to get to something like this. Jaw-dropping surveillance footage released last week by an airport in Santa Ana, California, depicts the stunning moment a small plane with two people aboard crashed into Interstate 405.

The crash occurred on June 30 right across from John Wayne Airport and involved a Cessna 310R two-engine airplane that had lost right engine power right after it took off from the airport at roughly 9:35 a.m., according to a report published by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Shortly after takeoff, the pilot, Francis Pisano, made a frantic call to the airport’s control tower, exclaiming, “Hey, we got a mayday! We got a mayday!”

Officials at the tower responded by informing him and his wife, Janan, that they were cleared to land back at the airport but that their gear appeared to be up.

“Yeah, I know, we’re still trying to get a little altitude,” Pisano replied. “I lost my right engine.”

That was the last that was heard of them before they crashed.

Watch the footage below:

Amazingly enough, both Pisano and his wife “survived the crash after an off-duty fire captain from Avalon pulled from them the wreckage,” as reported by the Los Angeles Times. And even more shockingly, there were no traffic accidents because of the crash.

And this despite the debris field from the wreckage measuring “about 150 feet long, crossing over both the north and south-bound lanes,” according to the NTSB, with the left-wing tip tank and main landing gear being found in the northbound lane and the left elevator and right-wing tip tank being found on the southbound lane.

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