I try to watch the news as much as possible. I also try to talk to my family as much as possible. They also watch the news, they live all over the country. I was talking to one of them last night and I asked if they had heard about this on their local news. Guess what? not a word..

An illegal alien allowed into the country under Barack Obama’s DREAM program has been arrested for the brutal rape and beating of a teen woman in Seattle. The beating was so bad that the girl’s jaw was broken and her ear was nearly severed from her head.

Salvador Diaz-Garcia, 23, was arrested after the victim was attacked in the gym of her apartment complex in the Seattle suburb of Burien, Fox News reported.

Salvador Diaz-Garcia, an illegal immigrant who was a recipient of Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, is now facing second-degree assault and rape charges in the vicious attack. He also faces child molestation charges for allegedly assaulting a 14-year-old the same day the rape occurred.

The victim was so brutalized that her jaw was broken, he ear was nearly ripped from her face, and she lost several teeth. The young woman said she did not know her attacker but had been groped by him a few weeks before the attack. She identified Diaz-Garcia as the perpetrator.

According to police, the woman was on the treadmill of the gym at 9:15 p.m. when Diaz-Garcia stood behind her and kept asking her questions. She asked him to move.

After the attack she stumbled back to her apartment bleeding profusely and wearing only her sports top.

He was arrested four days after the attack when witnesses and surveillance footage allegedly captured him watching girls at the complex’s pool just before the attack. Investigators say they found what they believe is the victim’s blood on his pants. A rape kit found DNA on her.

“The state is extremely concerned for the defendant’s brazen, bold, and violent behavior towards young women,” prosecutors said in court documents.

Diaz-Garcia was arrested and then had his DACA status revoked. He could be deported if convicted of the horrendous attack.

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