Serial Killer CRIES In Court After Murdering Mother And Two Daughters



A serial killer had his time in court as he was charged with murdering a mother and her two daughters at their Ohio home, just last week. He wept in court on Thursday as prosecutors tallied up the different sick ways he had murdered each of the women.

George Brinkman is accused of slitting the throat of 45-year-old of Suzanne Taylor, smothering her 21-year-old daughter Taylor Pifer, and then moving to strangle her youngest daughter, 18-year-old Kylie Pifer, while they were all home.

Brinkman had taken the bodies of the women after, and lined them up side by side, lying face down in a bed. It was Taylor’s boyfriend that first discovered the bodies when he went to check on them the following day. By this time the bodies were ‘cold to the touch’ indicating that they had been dead for over 24 hours.

Friends later discovered that Brinkman and Taylor were old friends who had graduated high school together. Her relatives said that he wanted a relationship with her romantically, needing ‘more’ than just friendship. Brinkman, 45, was finally caught and arrested after a eight-hour siege with police Brunswick, Ohio, 50 miles away.

At Thursday’s court hearing Brinkman made his first appearance, and his bond was set at $75million.

But the three murders weren’t the only crimes he was on trial for, as he was also suspected of murdering his former girlfriend’s parents, Gene and Bobbi John, who he was house sitting for.

The Johns were found dead, along with their son, in their home on Sunday.

From Daily Mail:

The couple had returned home from a vacation the previous day and their suitcases were still packed when their lifeless bodies were discovered. At a court hearing on Thursday which was attended by WKYC, Brinkman appeared in an orange prison jumpsuit and stab vest and had a cast on his hand.

In the killings of the three women he is charged with three counts of aggravated murder, three counts of aggravated kidnapping and one count of tampering with evidence for disposing of the knife he used to stab Ms Taylor. He also faces two separate murder offences from Stark County Police for the murders of Gene and Bobbi John but has not yet been arraigned on those charges.

A police report obtained by reveals that Dale Kostar, Taylor Pifer’s boyfriend, went to the home on Sunday evening after not hearing from her since 3pm the previous day when she sent her last text message to him.

The girls’ overwhelmed father Brian gave a statement on their deaths this last Tuesday after Brinkman’s arrest.

‘Taylor and Kylie were deeply loved – not only by me, but by our families and so many friends. We are absolutely devastated. [They] were beautiful, strong, intelligent young women.’

His wife was also devastated by the gruesome murders, as said she was ‘blindsided’ by it all, having no idea what may have prompted them. The Johns were found dead in their home on Monday.

The couple’s suitcases weren’t even unpacked yet. This guy, when found guilty, needs to die. This world has no use for him.

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