SICK! This Disgusting PERVERT Was Caught And Charged For Having Sex With…


When I hear stories about the perversions that some people have you have got to wonder where the mental disconnect began with them and they decided in their heads that what they were doing was OK.

An Arkansas man is accused of having sex with a family’s pet donkey on multiple occasions. Oh for God’s sake, that is SICK! The freaks name is Everett Lee Compton, 49,  and he faces charges of bestiality, criminal trespassing and cruelty to animals following his arrest in Siloam Springs.

Investigators say the donkey’s owners, Emert and Joyce Whitaker, told officers that they’d had issues with trespassers harassing their pet donkeys over the past three years, Fox News reports.

The problem got so bad that Emert Whitaker posted several “No Trespassing” and “Do Not Feed Animals” signs around the property. He also placed a game camera in a field south of his house where the female donkeys are kept.

According to court documents, the camera captured images of a man coming onto the Whitakers’ property early on May 27 and June 4. The pictures show the man placing a bag over a donkey’s head, then getting behind the donkey and placing his pelvis against the rear of the animal, reports.

More images were captured early on July 5 and July 6. These showed the same man feeding the donkeys from bags that appeared to be bread bags before getting behind the donkey and placing his pelvis against the animal’s rear, with his hand on his groin area.

According to an incident report seen by KHBS, an officer arrived at the Whitaker’s property and found Compton hiding in the bushes. Compton initially claimed he was feeding the donkeys some carrots and denied having sex with the animals.

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    Is he in the congress or senate?

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