The Professor Who WISHED DEATH Upon The President Has Just Gotten A Full Sack Of BAD NEWS!


It’s wrong to wish harm upon someone if they have done you no wrong. The problem with liberals is that they think anyone that they don’t agree with whole hog has done them wrong. Since the election of President Donald Trump, numerous people have issued death threats against the president and have suffered the consequences as a result.

The latest person to learn the hard way that you don’t talk about killing a U.S. president is a professor named Kevin Allred. Allred posted a tweet on Friday about killing Trump, and on Tuesday he got some bad news, Twitchy reported.

“Trump is a f***ing joke. This is a sham. I wish someone would just shoot him outright,” Allred wrote in his tweet.

Shortly afterward, Allred found out that words have consequences. He was promptly fired from his position a Montclair State University in New Jersey before he even got a chance to begin teaching there. This didn’t sit well with Allred, who posted a number of tweets complaining, claiming the university had caved to “basic conservative political pressure,” and that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

“How is my one tweet using a hyperbolic expression worse than what ‘the president’ himself is doing day after day????” he wrote in one tweet.

As a professor, Allred really should know that what he wrote wasn’t a “hyperbolic expression” — it was a crime. Anyone with a pulse and two brain cells should know that.

“I’m an amazing teacher — my evaluations & testimonials prove it. if speaking out against Trump’s ‘great America’ keeps me from classrooms…” he wrote in another tweet.

Seriously? It’s one thing to be upset you got punished for doing something stupid, it’s another to actually try to defend what you did and claim you were just “speaking out” against Trump. You wrote that you hope the president will be murdered. That’s not speaking out!

Since his little outburst, Allred has made his account private, so his tweets are now hidden. However you can still see all of them here.

The New York Daily News reported that in November, Allred was forced to take a psych evaluation while he was a professor at Rutgers University after he talked about killing white people, burning the flag and “abusing” gun laws.

If this is what most college professors are like, it’s no wonder that America’s universities are churning out a bunch of wimpy snowflakes who can barely function in society.

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