VIDEO “Comedian” Thought His Prank Was So Funny, One Wrong Move Got Him Put Behind Bars…


I have been witness to some strange things on my various trips to Florida through the years but never something this damned odd, and that is covering a lot of ground.

Upon waking up last Tuesday morning, wannabe comedian Alexander Hayden Sperber, 25, decided that robbing a bank might be a great way to jump start his career because, well, apparently the idea of simply performing at local clubs never occurred to him.

So without a moment to lose, this not-so-bright Florida man waltzed into a Regions Bank in Fort Lauderdale, extended his index finger as if pointing a gun, handed over a bag and demanded the teller stuff it with money or risk seeing herself and others hurt.

The teller complied, placing $4,700 in the bag, so Sperber left, thinking himself clear. Not so fast, brainiac. According to the Sun-Sentinel, included among the money was a red dye pack that exploded as he exited the building, covering him with “colorful evidence.”

So what did he do? What else … he got naked.

But his dose of “comedy” wasn’t over quite yet. He then proceeded to run down Las Olas Boulevard while throwing money at stunned bystanders. It didn’t take the authorities too long to find and detain him, though it’s what he told them afterward that immediately raised eyebrows.

According to a statement from the FBI, he told an agent that he decided to rob a bank, flee by running naked down the street while throwing the money stolen during the bank robbery to people, in order to begin his career as a comedian.

Brilliant. Judging by his stupidity, I take it his role models include the likes of Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher, who also appear to believe that acting like lawless miscreants makes for good comedy. Sperber has since been charged with one count of bank robbery, a crime punishable by anywhere from 15 to 30 years in prison.

While what he did last week was indeed a bit funny, the look on his face when he realizes the future he could very well be facing is where the real comedy lies, if you ask me.

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