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Judge Kicks Gloria Allred Out of Courtroom…TWICE…for Bad Behavior!



(Joe For America) Ambulance chaser Gloria Allred got kicked out of a courtroom twice last week because she seemed to keep forgetting her manners and etiquette, let alone the basic courtroom rules.

Allred thinks her phone calls are more important than following the rules.

Allred was escorted out of the courtroom last Wednesday in Norristown, PA during the Bill Cosby trial, because her phone kept ringing. The judge is known to have zero tolerance for that sort of thing. The court’s communications director says that generally, if someone is ejected from the court they’re not permitted to return for the duration of the trial. Gloria caught a break, she was allowed re-entry after a recess.

Judge Kicks Gloria Allred Out of Courtroom…TWICE…for Bad Behavior!

What happens when someone is given a break when there should be the same consequences as everyone else?

Gloria Allred got kicked out of a court gallery Friday, for the second time this week after her cell phone rang …again…during proceedings in Bill Cosby’s sex-assault trial.

Allred wasn’t allowed back in the main courtroom but instead banished to Courtroom C, an overflow room for members of the public.

“I was happy to leave,” Allred said at the time. “It was off, and it rang. I have no idea how it happened. This young man was just trying to help me figure it out. I don’t know who it was. I don’t give out my number, and I never answer it anyway, you know that.”

She is such a liar. She lies so often she doesn’t even know she lies. If she wants me to believe that she was happy to be kicked out of the courtroom, she better try harder than that! She also wants us to believe she was happy to get kicked to the 2nd Class overflow room with the rest of the peasants?

She was placed in 2nd Class… PRICELESS!!

Court officials told TMZ that if her phone rings in that room, she’ll be permanently ejected from the courthouse altogether.

Allred is representing several Cosby accusers, but not Andrea Constand, the current ‘so-called’ victim in this particular trial.

The fact that Allred is representing most of the victims is all I need to know to believe Cosby is innocent. #JustSayin

Gloria Allred has a long history of ambulance chasing. She finds so-called victims that will make a high-profile case so that she can get that mug of hers in front of the camera.

Recently, Allred found herself In Hot Water for Fraud, Legal Malpractice!

Kyle Hunter, a local television weatherman, has filed a lawsuit against Allred for legal malpractice and fraud, claiming she negligently represented him during a case. Hunter contends that Allred failed to interview witnesses, and provide affidavits in his suit, which would have greatly bolstered his case.

Hunter also alleges that Allred’s firm later entered into a settlement with CBS for a sum less than the $800,000 award, but did so without his authorization.

“As Allred negotiated in secret a TV deal for herself with CBS during the Hunter lawsuit, the malpractice in her handling of the case led to a near- seven-figure legal bill for Hunter, a sunk suit against CBS, and an impaired reputation for Hunter,” the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior County, reads.

This woman is a clown. The moment she trots some woman out on stage, I automatically assume there is something amiss.

Her daughter, Lisa Bloom, is following in her footsteps. I assume the same about her as well. Lisa Bloom is representing Kathy Griffin. Need I say more?

Insanity. Learn to follow the rules Allred!

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