‘Flag-Stomping’ Teacher Just Got MAJOR BEATDOWN After Trying To Fight HIs Suspension



A week doesn’t seem to go by, without witnessing yet another educator removing the American Flag from campus, a teacher wearing a “Black Lives Matter” button to class, or another stomping on “Old Glory” in a classroom.

Moreover it’s beginning to look as if the “patients are running the asylum,” and a once honorable profession seems to have fallen into the hands of addled brained adolescents, masquerading as educators, and trying to be one of gang rather than what they’re getting paid to do “teach” and hopefully becoming role-models.

No doubt when North Carolina high school teacher Lee Francis repeatedly stomped on “Old Glory” last September in his class, he was apparently trying to demonstrate our First Amendment rights in a profound and dramatic way.

It was indeed a “very effective” way to illustrate our First Amendment right, so argued Francis’s lawyer during the appeals process.

However by that same analogy what if we took a photo of someone Lee Francis loved dearly placed it on the ground and began stomping on it, the point being that visually illustrating something in a profound and dramatic way, should also be tempered by common sense and mindful of its potential ramifications, in short “critical thinking” skills

On Wednesday, a 9-hour closed-door session was held to determine the faith of the embattled teacher, and my most accounts things aren’t looking good.

After the closed-door hearing Cumberland County Schools Superintendent Frank Till Jr., read a statement in part saying; “Regarding the legal aspect, many quote Texas v. Johnson where the First Amendment protection explained in this case does not extend to a teacher in the performance of his or her duties in a public classroom. Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West has determined that there was no criminal violation.”

Till continued; “I have determined discipline is appropriate based on violating our policies”.

It turns out the school board upheld the educator’s 10-day suspension without pay as punishment for stepping on the American flag in a 5 – 2 vote. Francis told Martin the school board members in attendance voted along racial lines. Stepping on the American flag has nothing to do with race and Francis bringing race up at all in this case makes it appear he is playing the race card.

He is still awaiting to find out if his teacher’s license will be revoked.

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